Facebook tap to expand image template – Photoshop

I’ve had a lot of people asking me what size to design “tap here to reveal more” or “tap to expand images” in, in order for it to display correctly on Facebook within a desktop or a mobile environment.

The template provided below for the large Facebook expand image, is just one size example, but you can also experiment with other dimensions to suit your message type and image requirements.

Facebook tap to expand image template

So here it is, click here to download the template. Feel free to experiment, and leave your dimensions in the comments.

Facebook tap to expand image examples

Here are a few great examples of tap to expand posts being used – click on the image to see it on Facebook, and whilst your at it, show your love with a like for some great work:


Amarula Expand Post


Kfm Expand Post


mediwell dainfern medical centre expand post



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