The age of the landline phone is slowly coming to an end in the US

When everyone has a phone in their pocket, there quickly becomes little use for a home phone that sits stationary in one room of your house, costing you additional money in the form of a monthly landline bill.

Sure, some may prefer the larger form factor or increased call quality of a landline, or perhaps you know someone who keeps a home phone because their wireless bundle includes it. But a majority of households in the United States are now “cell phone only,” according to data from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, compiled into a chart below courtesy of Statista.

While more than 90% of US households said they owned a landline in 2004, that number has since plummeted to less than 46%, with “cell phone only” households crossing 50% threshold for the first time.

Chart of the Day: Landline phone ownership in United States US

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